John McDermott Concert


This year has been difficult for many. For some financially, others emotionally and others socially. For Kingsbridge Centre it has been a year with less music, less laughter and less community. In keeping with the spirit of Kingsbridge Centre of bringing people together, we have joined with the vocal talents of John McDermott to bring you a virtual concert. We offer this concert as a gift to friends of Kingsbridge Centre.

As we enter the fall of the year, it is a time of remembering. Time to remember those we have lost this year and in past years, and to those friends and family that we have seen less of this year. John McDermott has recorded this concert for the Kingsbridge community with this remembrance theme.

This concert will be available from Nov 1st to Dec 1st, 2020 and is accessible only through Kingsbridge Centre website. To listen to the concert, click on the “Join Concert” button below.

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