Kingsbridge is friends, neighbours, and businesses all working together to make a difference, and revitalize rural Ontario. On an ongoing basis, we welcome people of all ages and skills to join us in the renovation and operation of the Centre and Kingsbridge in the Country.

Scroll down to find your talent or interest! Below are a few suggestions:

  1. Do you like getting your hands dirty or working in a crew? Check out the building categories!
  2. Like to work from home and have computer skills or data tracking?
    Look under administration!
  3. Only have an hour every month or two – but still want to be involved? You can help at an event, attend a work bee – or check out all the opportunities under “programming”.
  4. Like to tell stories or take pictures? We would love help with all the social media , website – or grant writing!
  5. Do you love to socialize and hear great music? Try the programming list – but we whistle while we work, and love to socialize… so pretty well every category works for this!

    Whatever your talent or interest – we have a spot for you!

    If you can lend assistance in any capacity please email [email protected] or call Marianne Hogan (519-529-7062) or Jim VanOsch (519-529-1051).

    Volunteer positions in Kingsbridge

    Ongoing volunteer roles are divided by category, and there are lots to chose from, so keep scrolling until you find something you like!


    1. Media (promotion of the building is primary; promotion of events is also inc)
      a. Facbook posts
      b. FB /website pictures
      c. Coming events submissions
      d. Website update/content
      e. Press releases
      f. Posters
      g. radio/tv
      h. Creation of updated video for website
    2. Executive
      a. Committee chairs
      b. treasurer
      c. Rental of centre
      d. Rental of rectory
      e. Newsletter creation
      f. Supporter of month creation/content/tracking
      g. Grant writing
      h. Grant reports
      i. Networking with Community Hubs/Regeneration Works etc
      j. Secretary
      k. Correspondence
      l. Recording
      m. Snail mail/phone tree management; gmail monitoring
    3. Volunteer Tracking
      a. Chair named for each event ;responsible for tracking all data
      b. Kingsbridge Lens : create opportunities for mentoring
      c. Data management
      d. House manager at each event (primary contact for emergencies etc, opens and
      closes building)
    4. Organizational
      a. Switching to google docs
      b. Categorizing and uploading historical data
      c. Yearly operating budget
      d. Grant tracking/uncommitted funds management

    Building – lots of volunteers in this category!

    1. Ongoing Maintenance
      a. Flower beds
      b. Cleaning of cottage rental (former rectory)
      c. Cleaning of Centre
      d. Monthly fire extinguisher check
      e. Lawn cutting
      f. Snowblowing
      g. Seasonal decor
      h. Laundry of tablecloths
    2. Renovations
      a. Executive
      b. Painters
      c. Carpenters
      d. Strong backs for gutting, smashing out concrete and running
      e. Electricians
      f. Plumbers
      g. Food preparation to feed the workers
      h. Clean up after renos!
      i. Pack mules to carry everything up and down stairs for each event


    1. Funeral lunch contact
    2. Ecumenical productions chair
      a. Lunch prep and BBQ
      b. Clean up
      c. Choir
      d. Kids games/face painting
    3. Lights and sound
    4. Nutrition manager (concession stand)
      a. Set up and clean up
      b. Food donations ( butter tarts etc)
      c. Work during events
    5. LCBO
      a. License and insurance
      b. Smart serve
      c. Clean up, stocking fridge and sales
    6. Videographers. Photographers
    7. Art
      a. Contact artists
      b. Arrange displays
    8. History
      a. Organize artifacts
      b. Temporary display upstairs
      c. Permanent display in basement
    9. All Events
      a. Greeters
      b. Parkers
      c. Ticket sales and ushers or
      d. Ushers for Collection with baskets
      e. Helping elderly people on stairs
      f. MC
      g. Bar & food booth
      h. House manager

    Is your particular passion/talent/forte not on the list? Call Jennifer at 519-529-7640 and let her know – we want everyone to be included and appreciated!