Renovation Projects

Kingsbridge Centre Renovation Projects  2015 – 2019

After the closure of the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in 2012, the building sat empty for 2 ½ years. Significant moisture damage from condensation occurred in much of the building. In addition to bringing the building up to modern building codes ( mainly fire and electrical),there was significant brick repointing and window repair needed, as well as paint and drywall damage repair necessary.

Original estimates indicated $180, 000 was needed immediately… and $700,000 in the first 10 years. Follow us on our journey as we preserve this beautiful historic building, ensuring our rich Canadian heritage can be enjoyed for generations to come. 


The Basement

The basement remains closed to the public. The basement has been completely gutted, the old cement floor removed, and is being renovated in stages as funds permit.

Stage One: Furnace and storage area is complete – thanks to fundraising and an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, $7200 in in-kind donations from supporters… and 49 volunteer contributing 379 hours!

Stage Two: Small meeting room and main hall is complete thanks to fundraising, a FCC Agrispirit grant, A Hydro One Safe Communities Grant, a New Horizons for Seniors Program grant  $2600 in Kind donations from supporters…and 51 volunteers contributing 1367 hours of labour!

Stage Three Renovations would supply accessible washrooms, a kitchen, mechanical room and inside basement access stairs.The quotes for this stage of renovations total $369,077 (includes non-rebated hst, building permits and a 10% contingency fee). To allow for the project to begin while fundraising continues, Stage 3 has been divided into 3 phases:

Phase One: Currently in progress. This area is the accessible washrooms, the main hallway/foyer, a mechanical room and a coat room. The project is estimated @ $217,000 and expected completion is December 2018 To date 34 volunteers have contributed 250 hours.

Phase Two: Inside access stairs, south east corner. Projected Start date March 2019.

Phase Three: The kitchen. We’re purposely waiting while the fundraising continues. 

Proposed kitchen will be a “warm up” kitchen with 2 stoves, many small appliance outlets, washing sinks and hand washing sink, cupboards for storage of dishes, serving ware and utensils and dishwasher.

Building Improvements by Year

September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018

  • Painted and installed tempered storm glazing on 4 west windows of the centre.
  • Stage 3 renovations to basement hall have begun. Stage 3 will see building and completion of washrooms, building of kitchen and upgrading of entrance to hall.
  • Lighting upgrades include new exterior lights by front entrance stairs and new lobby lights.
  • Shelving purchased and installed in hall storage room.
  • New stage microphones purchased and installed

September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017

  • Preparation of design drawings for construction of washroom, kitchen and entrance in basement
  • Construction of interior stairs to basement and accessibility lift.
  • Install storm glazing on two east windows
  • Completion of Stage 2 renovations to basement including painting, lighting, trim and new flooring.
  • Completion of accessible washroom on main floor of Kingsbridge Centre
  • New flooring and paint in Knight’s room
  • Purchase of lighting and A/V equipment
  • New marquee sign

September 1, 2015- August 31, 2016

  • Storm glazing of windows in tower and south side completed
  • New downspouts around church
  • Smoke alarms and CO2 detectors installed
  • Work bees held in Nov to clean up grounds, garage and basement.
  • Work bees held in Jan to remove mold affect material in basement.
  • New utility room in basement constructed by volunteers
  • Installation of new heating system started and completed by July of 2016
  • Church basement improvements include interior foundation drain, concrete floor over previous exposed dirt floor, insulation and new drywall on ceiling and exterior walls

May – August 2015

  • Brick and stone repointing. All sides of church + 1 day on rectory
  • Window storm glazing 6 in tower & 3 south sanctuary /nave.
  • Wood repair on windows
  • Paint west end of nave
  • Electrical Code
  • Emergency Lights and Alarms
  • Eavetrough downspouts
  • Roof Repair (Crane &
  • Contractor
  • Repair choir loft beam
  • Decommission furnaces
  • Screens on Louvers
  • Transform former rectory into rental property “kingsbridge in the country”

Current Funders